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About the Program

Beedie Luminaries is a registered foundation and a non-profit society that is working to create brighter futures for bright minds. The foundation’s mission is built on the premise that education can enhance future career opportunities, and fundamentally create positive societal outcomes. The program offers financial support to students applying to British Columbia public post-secondary institutions, including universities, colleges and trade schools.

In addition to the financial support, the foundation provides extensive support services including “Stay on Track” student coaching, Peer support groups, summer internship opportunities, and access to mentors.

A mentor-mentee relationship is unique. It is unlike other typical non-peer relationships, such as a coach-player, or a parent-child relationship, in that there are specific goals directly related to the development of the mentee that are not found in these other types of relationships.

In respect to Beedie Luminaries, the objective of the Mentorship Program is for the mentors to help their mentees (Luminaries) successfully navigate and finish their post-secondary education so that they can achieve their dreams, inspire others, and eventually become mentors to future Beedie Luminaries students.

Interested in Mentoring? Please register and complete the application.

How it Works

Please register here and create your login, it just takes a minute to complete a brief questionnaire. Then we will email you when we find you a good match.

*** Please note, this platform uses algorithms to make the best match possible. If you are not matched with a student this year, don’t worry! It simply means we were fortunate enough to have more mentors than students this year and you will remain in our database for a future match!

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